Exploration of water resources 

The identification and characterization of water resources is always a crucial element in the success of a supply drinking water project or an irrigation schemes’ project. HYDROCONSEIL has extensive experience in this area which is the heart of its business, whether to explore resources (mapping, geophysics), to define the technical specifications of a drilling or to monitor the achievement of works.

To carry out these services, HYDROCONSEIL has a team of experienced in-house experts, and can also provide control of open scientific measurement campaigns, mobilizing the most modern techniques.


Hydrogeological studies

HYDROCONSEIL has a real know-how in terms of location, identification and characterization of aquifers. His skills allow him to implement a wide range of appropriate tools of geological, hydrogeological and geochemical investigation; using recognized methods and modern analysis such as photo-air monitoring of aquifers and study of water balance.


Geophysical studies

HYDROCONSEIL can mobilize, for the conduct of the studies, different geophysical equipment which helps for a better knowledge of the basement. This technique is well suited for the recognition of aquifers, the choice of the location of the most productive wells and for the determination of preferential sites for micro-dams.

Design, control and equipment

HYDROCONSEIL provides technical assistance to work contractors to ensure the supervision of recognition drilling campaigns and the supervision of the implementation of monitoring networks of water resources. A regular monitoring of the project by HYDROCONSEIL allows the work contractors to obtain assurance of a realization in line with the initial objectives, thanks to the diversity of experts who can be mobilized during the design of structures, the monitoring of drilling the tests, and the definition of operating drilling equipment.


The advantages of HYDROCONSEIL

HYDROCONSEIL’s core competencies in the field of water resources exploration are:

  •  • Assessment of existing infrastructures

  •  • Geological mapping (including aerial photography)

  •  • Hydrogeological studies

  •  • Geophysical studies (electrical, seismic)

  •  • Assessment of Water Quality

  •  • Pumping test of wells

  •  • Development of proposals for works, supplies or services tenders (technical and administrative)

  •  • Supervision of drilling campaigns

  •  • Sizing of pumping equipment (thermal, solar)

  •  • Assessment of aquifer vulnerability

  •  • Protection of works


Some of our references in the field are presented below:


Chad: hydrogeological and geophysical studies for the establishment of micro-dams

In 2000, HYDROCONSEIL conducted hydrogeological and geophysical studies, on behalf of the General Management of Rural Engineering, hydraulic and Agriculture (DGRHA), and with a funding from the African Development Bank.

The project was to define seven preferential sites for the construction of micro-dams in the province of Biltine (eastern Chad). With a capacity of 0.2 to 2 million m3, they will help to ensure irrigation and to recharge of groundwater of the sector.

HYDROCONSEIL, in collaboration with its international and Chadian partners, designed and conducted the comprehensive study of seven sites:

  •  • Topographical study: definition of geomorphology and modeling of valleys to be flooded;

  •  • Geophysics study: design, implementation and interpretation of geophysical prospecting (seismic and electrical);

  •  • Hydrogeological study: interpretation of aerial photo, establishment of a network of 28 piezometers, estimation of the permanent water resources created by the upstream detention of water;

  •  • Geotechnical study: mechanical quality analysis of the dams’ supports, search of borrow areas for dikes, leaks risk assessment of the dams.

Tanzania: drinking water supply programme of 8 small urban centers

HYDROCONSEIL participated in the Tanzanian Water Sector programme, by conducting the hydrogeological and geophysical studies of the islands Unguja and Pemba.

This service provides a good example of the ability of HYDROCONSEIL to offer a fully integrated service, responding perfectly to the needs and requests of the client:

  • HYDROCONSEIL conducted campaigns of geological and geophysical prospecting as well as the location of boreholes;

  •  then, as a technical assistant, HYDROCONSEIL accompanied the client in the preparation of submissions of tenders and selection of contractors;

  •  Finally, HYDROCONSEIL assumed control of the works, the technical following and the design of the pumping systems for around twenty wells.

 In this study, HYDROCONSEIL trained several national hydrogeologists for the techniques of drilling control and of exploration of groundwater resources. 


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