Since 2010, Hydroconseil has assisted UNICEF in its monitoring and evaluation process of the National EVA programme. In August 2015, Hydroconseil and Urbaconsulting (its sister’s company) won a project to implement a large monitoring system to follow and strength performance and capacity of the National agents and of the implement NGO in the 11 provinces of the DRC.

 The mission is split into several steps. At first, it is necessary to establish the frame of the monitoring to set up. For this, Hydroconseil / Urbaconsulting works closely with UNICEF teams and with the representatives of the ministries concerned. Once developed, the M3P protocol will be deployed throughout the territory of the DRC, with the mobilization of 45 people. In 9 months, they will visit more than 218 health zones, villages and schools of the program and will systematically work with the governmental actors.


Beyond this simple monitoring activity, this work will provide 3 types of responses, according to the identified problem:


·         Some Corrective actions on the ground,


·         Some capacity building action to stakeholders of the program,


·         A more systematic reporting on indicators.


This monitoring should contribute to improved program quality and sustainability.


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