Hydroconseil and CGS will implement for six months, Water and Sanitation technical studies and baseline surveys in 140 localities at high risk of cholera, 75 schools and 15 health centers in Artibonite (Haiti) for UNICEF.


Hydroconseil and CGS will realize integrated technical studies (ADP) and the preparation of tender documents for:
- The construction, rehabilitation and / or expansion of potable water systems, construction of spring catchments, construction, protection, well equipment and drilling in 114 localities at high risk of cholera located in the municipalities of Gros Morne , Gonaïves, Saint-Marc and Saint-Michel de Lattalaye.
- Construction or rehabilitation of sanitation facilities and drinking water supply system in 75 schools and 15 health centers.
The distribution of studies will be:
Lot # 1: Technical diagnostics and Study 37 localities of the town of Gonaïves and DAO thereon.
Lot # 2: Study and diagnosis techniques 41 localities of the municipalities of Saint-Michel (21) and Gros Morne (20) and DAO thereon.
Lot # 3: Study and diagnosis techniques 36 localities of the municipalities of Saint-Marc and DAO thereon.


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