Hydroconseil is involved in Gabon between December 2015 and April 2016 on a study for Operationalization of a Sustainable Delivery Model for Basic Services such as drinking water in rural areas in partnership with IED (Innovation Energie Développement).

The project will involve mainly Antoine Delepière (Water expert) and Sadok Hidri (socio-economist expert).
The service will:
•    Develop and implement, in real conditions of use, a set of services "trades" using new information and communications technology (ICT), particularly the GSM / GPRS / Internet networks, (a ) the implementation of geo-referenced operational inventory procedures of equipment, (b) monitoring the delegation maintenance operations services equipment and (c) the control
•    Regulating benefits / set up a base reference data including a geo-referenced inventory (qualitative and quantitative) of all existing facilities decentralized rural electrification and rural water in the area of Gabon 1
•    Establishing the specific reference to the Gabonese context costs (costs investment (equipment and works); operating costs (installation, operation and maintenance, and renewal)
•    A feasibility study in 30 target pilot villages. This study will build in particular on an analysis of willingness and ability to pay of the population in these villages and define the lower cost option for each of the target villages.


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