Hydroconseil has been selected for an action Research program on sustainability of subsidized household latrines in Togo and Burkina Faso and their use by vulnerable populations (women, children, elderly and disabled).


The action research will focus on the sustainability and use of latrines by marginalised groups, constructed by Plan in a subsidy-driven environment in Burkina Faso and Togo. The specific research questions would include:
1.    Are the latrines, constructed from 2010-2016, sustainable and replicable without further subsidy?
2.    Are there gaps between user expectations and the sanitation infrastructure in place? Is this gap differentiated by gender and age? Does this influence use?
3.    If available, does a consultative/participatory process with women, children and adolescent girls increase long term use of sanitation?
4.    What is the nature of the current sanitation policy environment and the constraints and opportunities for future programming and influencing in the region?
5.    How can Plan, in a supply driven sanitation environment, work towards sanitation sustainability in the future?

The study is being conducted between Mai and June 2016. Conclusions will be available shortly. Stay tuned !



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