Sustainability of services in Democratic Republic of Congo

Hydroconseil is participating in a workshop organized by the Consortium WASH RDC (consortium of NGOs active in the WASH sector in DRC) in Kinshasa on October 2016, 5th.

Twice a year the Consortium organizes a “technical review” around the knowledge and know-how of the WASH sector actors. These workshops are an opportunity for these actors to discuss and think about the implementation of sustainable solutions adapted to the needs of rural Congolese communities regarding access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

This 5th edition will discuss the following theme: “mutual learning for ensuring the sustainability of WASH services in rural DRC”. 5 specific issues will be addressed:

·         Financial sustainability and economic approach

·         The role of technical services: post-certification process results and challenges

·         The role of politico-administrative authorities : support to ETDs

·         Supply chains and private sector

·         Tackling the issue of the most vunerable


Hydroconseil will intervene on this last issue by introducing the problematic, actors and concerns. We will also be in charge of facilitating work group debates on this thematic.

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