Our team provides social project management expertise and support to help commission the water supply services installed under the GECEAU project.

The aim of the GECEAU project, which is being jointly funded by the French Agency for Development and the Comoros government, is to improve rural public water service management in the Comoros Islands.  HYDROCONSEIL is providing residential technical assistance to the General Directorate of Energy, Mines and Water Resources (DGEME: Direction Générale de l’Énergie, des Mines et des ressources en Eau) for a period of six months. The aim of our assignment is to support the introduction of effective water supply services by implementing 3 pilot management schemes for around 30,000 beneficiaries. Our multidisciplinary team of 7 French and Comorian experts will be supporting the public water service operators and local stakeholders within the rural communities concerned throughout the first three months of service operation and will also be responsible for implementing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns for users and local elected officials.


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