Some key dates in HYDROCONSEIL’s history:

1995: HYDROCONSEIL is created by Bernard Collignon and Christine Lagarde-Collignon in Paris; they are joined by Bruno Valfrey at the beginning of 1996

2000: The firm moves its head office to the Vaucluse département in the south of France

2004: Shares in the firm are offered to employees

2005: HYDROCONSEIL’s turnover exceeds €1 million

2006: HYDROCONSEIL’s shareholders create a sister company, URBACONSULTING, which specialises in urban development projects

2010: The HYDROCONSEIL and URBACONSULTING employee-shareholders create a holding company, GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT

2011: HYDROCONSEIL’s turnover exceeds €3 million

2015: HYDROCONSEIL celebrates its 20th anniversary! Click here to view the special 20th anniversary website.

2016 : HYDROCONSEIL’s turnover exceeds €5 million

2016 : Opening of an office in Paris, France

2018 : Opening of an office in Brussels, Belgium

Assainissement au Mozambique / Sanitation in Mozambique
Pratiques de lavage des mains au Burkina Faso
Bassin transfrontalier de la Mékrou / Basin of the Mekrou
Mission au Libéria / Assignment in Liberia
Latrines en Mauritanie / Latrines in Mauritania
Kiosque à Haiti / Kiosk in Haiti
Missions on the ground
Improve the access to the drinking water
Technical expertise
Knowledge of local people