Hydroconseil is in Niger evaluating all Danish development agency-related projects conducted in the country from 2009 to 2018. In charge of all cross-cutting aspects and, more specifically, for evaluating the water and sanitation sector, Hydroconseil visited water supply and sanitation facilities in the field and met with rural mayors, public water service users’ association representatives, and village health committees in the Zinder region at a participatory workshop conducted using the "Outcome Harvesting" methodology.

Assainissement au Mozambique / Sanitation in Mozambique
Pratiques de lavage des mains au Burkina Faso
Bassin transfrontalier de la Mékrou / Basin of the Mekrou
Mission au Libéria / Assignment in Liberia
Latrines en Mauritanie / Latrines in Mauritania
Kiosque à Haiti / Kiosk in Haiti