Our references in Mali

794 : Participatory institutional audit of public agencies and private actors
Dates : 02/2020 – 03/2020
Client : I&D
Financing: Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

755: Hydrogeological study for a project to produce and sell mineral water
Dates: 03/2019 - 06/2019
Client: Moringa Partnership
Financing: Moringa Partnership

750: Preparation of the National Hydraulic Development Programme
Dates: 01/2019 - 05/2019
Client: GECI Experts
Financing: Kingdoms of Netherland and Sweden

744 : Development of the national strategic plan for the promotion of good hygiene practices for the period 2019-2023
Dates : 12/2018 - 06/2019
Client : CEFAD
Financing: UNICEF Mali

730: Study of the water resources that can be mobilized within the framework of a mango tree exploitation project
Dates: 06/2018 - 07/2018
Client: MORINGA partnership
Financing: MORINGA partnership

714: Final Evaluation of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools program
Dates: 03/2018 - 05/2018
Client: UNICEF
Financing: Navarre Government

677: Final Evaluation of Promotion of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Health Centers project
Dates: 06/2017 - 08/2017
Client: UNICEF
Financing: European Union

647: Prior assessment of the 2017-2022 Denmark-Mali cooperation country program involving 3 thematic projects: promotion of the private sector, peace and reconciliation, and decentralisation
Dates: 11/2016 - 01/2017
Client: Royal Embassy of Denmark in Mali
Financing: Danish International Development Agency (Danida)

604: Review of 22 water supply systems under private management and comparison with 22 community-managed systems
Dates: 03/2016 - 05/2016
Client: Ministry of Energy and Water, National Direction of Water (DNH)
Financing: UNICEF

591: Developing the 2nd edition of the Blue Book Mali, a participatory and local review of the water and sanitation sector
Dates: 11/2015 - 03/2016
Client: International Secretariat for Water
Financing: Veolia Foundation

535: Evaluation of the programme to build the low-cost housing construction capacities of housing cooperatives and their umbrella organisations
Dates: 03/2015 - 05/2015
Financing: ADER/European Union

521: Developing a general water supply, health, education and commercial sector infrastructure and equipment maintenance plan for use by local authorities
Dates: 11/2014 - 03/2015
Client: Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
Financing: CTB

519: Finalisation document formulation with the Malian National Assembly 2015-2016
Dates: 10/2014 - 12/2014
Financing: DANIDA

517: Final Evaluation of the WASH in Schools programme implemented by UNICEF and its partners in Mopti and Koulikoro
Dates: 09/2014 - 12/2014
Client: UNICEF
Financing: UNICEF

515: Strengthening of drinking water supply in the regions of Mopti, Gao & Timbuktu
Dates: 12/2014 - 08/2015
Client: EDF National Authorising Officer
Financing: European Union

423 - Review of Demand-Led Sanitation Study - Mali report
Dates : 01/2013
Client: Water and Sanitation for Africa
Financing: Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation

422 – Ref Worldwide - Services to conduct an evaluation of the WASH Sector Strategy “Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS)”
Dates : 01/2013-07/2013
Client: UNICEF
Financing: UNICEF

411 - Technical Assistance to the National Authorising Officer of the EDF – Mali of the programming of the 11th EDF
Dates : 10/2012- 04/2013
Client: European Commission
Financing: European Commission

392 - Finalizing of the formulation of the Support Program to Economic Growth and Employment Promotion Stimulated by the Private Sector Mali 2013 - 2017
Dates : 09/2012 – 10/29012
Client: Royal Danish Embassy, Bamako
Financing: Danish cooperation (DANIDA)

384 - Case study of Bamako for the GOLD III report on governance of local public services
Dates : 05/2012 – 09/2012
Client: IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement)
Financing: CGLU (dossier Sicoro 302522/00)

370 - Organisational study of the potential partners of the new program of growth and employment stimulated by the private secteor in Mali
Dates : 12/2011- 01/2012
Financing: DANIDA

365 - Formulation of a Support Program to the Economic Growth and Employment Promotion Stimulated by the Private Sector Mali 2013 - 2017
Dates : 01/2012-03/2012
Client: COWI
Financing: Danish Cooperation (DANIDA)

361 - Mission to support the capitalization of the development process of the Agricultural Development Policy and the National Programme for Investment in the Agricultural Sector
Dates : 01/2012- 02/2012
Client: Ministry of Agriculture (statistic and planning department)
Financing: The Netherland

360 - Study of the weight of the water bill and on the costs of production of the industrial units and tourism in Mali
Dates : 12/2011-01/2012
Client: Malian Ministry of Industry, Investments and Trade (MIIC)
Financing: National budget

350 - Urban sanitation situation: the case study of Bamako
Dates : 09/2011-10/2011
Client: Tremolet Consulting
Financing: AFD

346 - Review of the logframe for the output-based national budget
Dates : 08/2011-11/2011
Client: DNACPN (national sanitation department)
Financing: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)

338 - Study on complementarity regarding the programme of growth and employment in Mali
Dates : 07/2011-08/2011
Client: Danemark Embassy, Bamako
Financing: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)

327 - Technical assistance to SOMAPEP
Dates : 04/2011-12/2011
Financing: AFD

318 - Establishment of a template of the Running Costs for Sanitation Regional Directions
Dates : 10/2010-04/2011
Client: National Directorate for Sanitation and Pollution and Nuisance Control
Financing: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)

317 - Assistance to the organisation and facilitation of a Joint Monitoring Programme workshop in Mali, and drafting of guidelines on how conciliate access data published at national and international (JMP) levels
Dates : 10/2010-11/2010
Client: World Health Organisation (WHO)
Financing: World Health Organisation (WHO)

310 - Technical assistance to the Regional Sanitation Directorates in 3 regions of Mali (2010-2014)
Dates : 05/2010-12/2014
Client: National Sanitation Directorate (DNACPN), Ministry of Environment and Sanitation, Mali
Financing: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)

302 - Preparation and management of a regional workshop on water and sanitation, designed for EC delegations in Western and Northern Africa
Dates : 05/2010- 06/2010
Client: European Commission (AIDCO E/7)
Financing: European Commission

297 - Management and implementation of Phase 2 of Country Status Overviews Reports of Water Supply and Sanitation in 10 Francophone West African Countries : Policy dialogues, action plans and summation
Dates : 01/2010 - 12/2012
Client: WSP Africa
Financing: WSP (World Bank)

296 - Preparation of the operation manual for the PROSEA (national programme for the water and sanitation sector)
Dates : 01/2010- 04/2010
Client: National Water Department (DNH)
Financing: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)

282 - Analysis of gaps and shortages for human resource development to reach the MDGs in the WASH sector in Mali and recommendations
Dates : 08/2009- 10/2009
Client: UK Department of International Development (DFID)
Financing: UK Department of International Development (DFID)

269 - Macro-economic study of the water sector
Dates : 06/2009- 12/2009
Client: Center for the Co-ordination of Water Resources (CCRE)
Financing: Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS)

266 - Appraisal of joint Danish and Swedish support to the Water and Sanitation Sector Programme in Mali for 2010-2014
Dates : 05/2009- 09/2009
Client: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)
Financing: DANIDA (Danish international development agency)

254 - Preparation of the water supply and sanitation country sector evaluation for the UNDP
Dates : 11/2008- 12/2008
Client: UNDP
Financing: UNDP

253 - Preparation of the GLASS report in 5 African countries
Dates : 11/2008- 10/2009
Client: World Health Organization (WHO)
Financing: World Health Organization (WHO)

252 - Technical support to WSUP for the appraisal and the implementation of a water supply and sanitation program in the peri-urban areas of Bamako
Dates : 09/2008- 10/2008
Client: Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)
Financing: Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

235 - Assessment to the Blue Books elaboration in five Western Africa countries
Dates : 11/2007- 03/2009
Client: International Secretariat for Water
Financing: Protos, Eau Vive, SIE, European Facility, French Development Agency (AFD)

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