Our references in Djibouti

759: Technical (studies and monitoring), environmental and social project management for the Balbala integrated urban development project
Dates: 04/2019 - 04/2022
Client: Djibouti Social Development Agency (ADDS)
Financing: French development agency (AFD)

713: Uploading an online household survey for the 0 slums project in Djibouti
Dates: 03/2018 - 04/2018
Client: Urbaplan
Financing: World Bank

697 : Mid-term evaluation of the climate change adaptation project being implemented in 2 rural regions
Dates : 12/2017 - 04/2018
Client : UNDP
Financing: UNDP

666: Preparation of the national strategy for the management of water points in rural areas
Dates: 04/2017 - 08/2017
Client: Direction of Rural Hydraulic in Djibouti
Financing: UNICEF

602: Final evaluation of a sanitation and solid waste management programme in Djibouti
Dates: 03/2016 - 04/2016
Client: European Union
Financing: European Union

601: Feasibility studies to define an integrated urban development project for the outlying areas of Djibouti
Dates: 02/2016 - 02/2016
Client: Djibouti social development Agency (ADDS)
Financing: French Development Agency

596: Studies to develop Djaga Bouldouq neighborhood as part of an urban poverty reduction program
Dates: 02/2015 - 08/2015
Client: Djibouti Social Development Agency
Financing: World Bank

594: Institutional and technical support for implementing a water and sanitation access improvement project in Djibouti and three secondary cities
Dates: 12/2015 - 05/2016
Client: ONEAD
Financing: Delegation of the European Union in Djibouti

293 - Assessment of European cooperation with Djibouti. Framework contract with NCG
Dates : 02/2010- 12/2011
Client: NCG CDE
Financing: European Commission

271 - Support program for SMEs for public works and maintenance of water distribution networks
Dates : 05/2009- 01/2011
Client: CDE
Financing: European Development Fund via CDE

254 - Preparation of the water supply and sanitation country sector evaluation for the UNDP
Dates : 11/2008- 12/2008
Client: UNDP
Financing: UNDP

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