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Chairman of Hydroconseil
Institutional / WASH / IWRM / private sector participation / evaluation / action research / knowledge products development expert
29 years of experience

Bruno Valfrey holds an engineering degree and an MPhil in science. He has been a consultant with the Hydroconseil team since 1995. He primarily specialises in basic public services – drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, and solid waste. He has also worked on integrated water resources management, irrigation, energy and climate change adaptation issues. Bruno has carried out numerous studies in the water sector in the broadest sense of the term: technical studies, institutional and socio-economic feasibility, M&E, case studies, action research, workshop facilitation, management model development, cross-sector studies, and lesson-learning. He also studied and monitored the construction of water supply and sanitation facilities in some 15 African and Latin American countries. In addition to his technical expertise, he is a recognized water and sanitation sector, institutional, and economic specialist. He has been involved in public policy development in more than a dozen countries and in formulating and evaluating more than 60 projects and programmes (most often as team leader). He regularly leads consultation workshops with water and sanitation sector stakeholders and contributes to sector monitoring by helping to draft national and international reports. He is also a lecturer and trainer, and has published some thirty articles and books. Since 2010, he has been the manager of Hydroconseil, of which he is currently the chairman. He is also co-founder of Urbaconsulting.


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Managing Director of Hydroconseil
Institutional / water supply and sanitation services / solid waste management / works supervision expert / water and sanitation engineer
26 years of experience

Cedric Estienne graduated from the national engineering school of “Arts et Métiers” in Paris. He has 24 years’ experience of working on the detailed design, tendering and works supervision of water supply systems and sanitation facilities.In addition to his technical urban and rural water supply expertise, he has extensive sanitation experience (wastewater and solid waste). Consequently, he often works as the team leader or technical expert providing consulting services to improve public services, in particular through private sector participation (concession, lease contracts, PPP). Cedric has also been involved a number of institutional studies on water and sanitation, including as the lead author of public policies in 10 countries.Throughout his career, Cedric has regularly provided capacity-building services, including for national institutions, sector stakeholders, local authorities, formal and informal private operators, and user associations. He has also worked on the preparation of master plans and management plans for various services (waste, drainage, sanitation). Cedric has provided consultancy services for OBA schemes (Output-Based Aid) to increase the number of connections to basic services in major cities such as Yaoundé and Douala (water), Casablanca (water and sanitation), Monrovia (electricity).He has been the Managing Director of Hydroconseil since 2016. He is also one of the co-founders of Urbaconsulting.


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Urban planner / water and sanitation expert
Member of the HYDROCONSEIL Management Committee
14 years of experience

Audrey Crocker has a dual degree in urban planning and urban utilities management. Her main areas of expertise are urban policies, urban services design and management (water, sanitation, waste), as well as institutional strengthening and coaching for public authorities.Audrey joined Hydroconseil in 2010. She uses her expertise to carry out feasibility studies and conduct programme evaluations. For a number of years, she coordinated a monitoring and evaluation project for a government water, hygiene and sanitation programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo and led (for 8 months) the process to build the urban management capacities of Bangui city council. More recently, Audrey has been in charge of developing the socio-economic and urban components of various sanitation, water and waste management sector master plans.Her understanding of the city, urban planning documents and regional growth strategies enables her to assess the impact these elements may have on service extensions. Finally, her knowledge of evaluation mechanisms (theory of change, most significant change method, OECD criteria, etc.) provide her with a critical and contextualised overview of the programmes, projects and approaches implemented, particularly local development and capacity-building projects.Audrey has been a member of the Hydroconseil and Urbaconsulting Executive Committee since 2015 and has been the Director of Urbaconsulting since 2017.


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Doctor of public health, hygiene and sanitation specialist,
Resident technical assistant, in Mauritania
31 years of experience

Yannick Pradelles is a public health doctor with over 25 years’ experience of assisting contracting authorities working within the water supply, hygiene and sanitation sectors. Yannick’s professional experience has been gained mainly in west African countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Benin, Niger, Mauritania), working for a French NGO (EAST), international consulting firms (NIRAS, COWI, Ecopsis and Hydroconseil) and as an independent consultant.Yannick has three key areas of expertise: social intermediation within water supply and sanitation projects (including CLTS and sanitation marketing); setting up project monitoring and evaluation systems; and institutional support. Yannick has developed this expertise by carrying out a range of activities including formulating, evaluating and implementing WASH projects and conducting studies. He has extensive experience of working as a resident technical assistant, providing contracting authority support to government agencies (2 years in Mali, 1 year in Mauritania and 7 years in Burkina Faso) and to local authorities (3 years in Burkina Faso and 2 years in Guinea). Over the course of his career, Yannick has developed specific skills in the fields of public finance management and sector-wide approachesYannick joined the Hydroconseil team in 2014. Based in Nouakchott, he is currently providing technical assistance to the National Directorate of Sanitation as part of the ‘5 wilayas’ program to improve access to water supply and sanitation in 5 of the country’s regions (a project jointly funded by the European Union and French Agency for Development).


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Technical assistant in Burkina Faso
34 years of experience

Karim Barro is a socio-economist, who graduated from the Pan-African Institute for Development (IPD/AC) in Douala, Cameroon in 1994. He is currently working as team leader on the assignment to provide technical assistance to the project owner of the Eastern region drinking water supply project (PAEP-East) in Burkina Faso, a project co-financed by AFD and the Burkinabe government.Karim has been working on village and semi-urban water systems for more than 30 years. After gaining initial experience working as a facilitator, he has spent the last 15 years taking on more senior roles in a range of water supply projects. In addition to his socio-economic background, he has acquired sound experience of the technical aspects of water and sanitation, as well as expertise in the processes involved in setting up management models and capacity-building for the administration, local authorities, user associations and private operators.Karim has worked as team leader on IEC (Information, Education and Communication) activities and carried out expert assignments on around fifteen major programmes in the sub-region, including in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Chad, working on projects financed by the Danish development agency, AFD, the European Union, KFW (German development agency) and WADB (the West African Development Bank).


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Expert in urban planning and architectural programmes
19 years of experience

Karen LEVY is an architect and urban planner, who specialises in developing cities. After having worked on designing, co-ordinating and managing urban projects in France for over twelve years, Karen has spent the last eight years broadening her skillset by focusing on urban changes in the major cities of the global South. A graduate of the University of Paris Nanterre, where she defended her thesis in 2018, she is well acquainted with managing complex projects and has developed expertise in analysing urban dynamics in emerging cities.
Due to the imperatives of sustainable development and the fight against climate change, new requirements are being introduced into the production of the city. Karen’s highly developed sense of architectural and environmental awareness means she is able to design sustainable projects, which are inclusive and in line with users' expectations (Eco-neighbourhoods of Passerelles in Annecy, Effinergie+ label, Eco-neighbourhoods of Bonne in Grenoble).
Karen has also worked on successfully forging links between different audiences (from urban stakeholders to international donors) and different disciplines. In 2019, as part of her involvement in managing and structuring field actions for three urban projects in Haiti, for example, she coordinated operational policies with local communities and ensured the capacity-building of institutions involved in urban management.  
More recently, Karen has been more specifically examining how stakeholders involved in real estate production are taking action in cities of the global South. Her research combines the analysis of governance systems and urban development in peripheral areas. She is working with the Prodig Laboratory on the "New Housing for Middle Classes in the Metropolitan Periphery: What integration into the city? Comparison between Delhi, Mexico City and Paris" research programme. Karen is the author of a number of articles on the specific features of development programmes for the middle classes in Johannesburg and Delhi, and has co-organised seminars, as well as various academic events.


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Sector governance specialist / public service design and management expert
17 years of experience

Charlotte Kalinowski is a public law and political science graduate specialising in the design and management of public services, mainly water, sanitation and solid waste. She joined Hydroconseil in 2015 after having spent several years working for the largest sanitation authority in Europe (SIAAP).Over the course of her 15 year career, Charlotte has conducted national sector studies, defined national policies and strategies, and led the implementation of a large number of projects to structure sanitation services (technical, institutional, financial and socio-economic feasibility studies; project preparation, monitoring and evaluation; research; facilitating consultation workshops; developing concession contracts, etc.). She has also provided technical assistance to project owners on structuring and implementing urban development projects.She has extensive experience of the economic and institutional issues specific to the water, sanitation and waste sectors, both in large and small cities and in rural areas. Charlotte has worked in Africa, the Middle East and south-east Asia. She is currently based in Lebanon where she coordinates Hydroconseil and Urbaconsulting activities.


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WASH & water stewardship expert / Institutional aspects / evaluation / research / partnerships capacity-building and group facilitation
16 years of experience

Jacques-Edouard's field of expertise mainly covers water (in the broad sense of the term: water supply, sanitation, resource management), water stewardship, and the partnership dynamics associated with these sectors.Jacques is an agricultural engineer with a master's degree in environmental water management and a PhD in water management and sanitation. He began his career with ACF NGO as a project manager in Niger. He then founded a commercial company in the field of water treatment, then joined the Centro del Agua of TEC in Monterrey (Mexico) as a lecturer-researcher.In 2010, he joined the BPD Water and Sanitation think-tank and in 2014 the consulting firm Partnerships in Practice, where he strengthened his skills as a researcher, consulting engineer, trainer and facilitator during various missions in Africa, Asia and Latin America on water and sanitation programs in urban, rural and school environments. In 2017-2018, Jacques-Edouard worked as an advisor for GIZ IWaSP in Ethiopia, where he set up and managed two water stewardship partnerships.He joined Hydroconseil in 2020.


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Hydrogeologist / water and sanitation expert
15 years of experience

Jérémie Hedoin has a degree in urban and rural water management and a Master’s in hydrogeology. Upon completion of his studies, he spent 7 years working on water supply and sanitation projects in Africa. Prior to joining Hydroconseil in 2014, he worked for a number of NGOs (TR Monde, CCFD, APDA, and HSF) in Mali, Benin and Ethiopia on projects in rural and semi-rural areas. Through implementing projects, Jérémie has gained technical support, project coordination and evaluation expertise. He also worked as project manager from 2017-2019 on a two-year technical assistance project in the Comoros, setting up effective public water supply services. He has experience of working in both urban and rural areas on water resource management assignments and conducting environmental and social impact assessments, as well as of working on hydrogeology projects, coastal water table vulnerability studies, IWRM (particularly transboundary water management), and water and sanitation projects, etc. Jérémie has worked in around a dozen countries in Africa and Latin America and is able to work in three languages, English, Spanish and French. He has also worked on developing a range of GIS and mapping tools.


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Political scientist / project management and business development expert
15 years of experience

Guillermo Vericat has a Political Science degree and a postgraduate diploma in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Barcelona, specialising in international relations. He is fluent in four languages (French, Spanish, Catalan and English).At the beginning of his career, Guillermo worked as a strategy and organisation consultant for local and regional public administrations in Spain. He then worked for various international institutions as a project manager and developed specific expertise in European Union procedures, particularly public procurement.Based in Brussels, Guillermo joined Hydroconseil in 2015 to manage the company’s framework contracts (European Union, EIB, Danida, AFD). Under these contracts, he carries out the contractual monitoring and reporting of international technical assistance projects, mainly in the water and sanitation sector, in a number of countries: Angola, Azerbaijan, Chad, Djibouti, Gabon, Georgia, Haiti, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, DRC, Senegal, Togo, Tunisia, Ukraine, Zambia. He is also responsible for the administrative, financial and logistical follow-up of the assignments carried out by the experts recruited by Hydroconseil.As he also in charge of overall business development, Guillermo oversees business and commercial intelligence and works closely with the Hydroconseil and Urbaconsulting Joint Management Committee to facilitate implementation of both companies’ business strategy.


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Water and Environment Engineer / climate change and institutional  specialist
15 years of experience

Vincent Merme is an industrial engineer who specialises in the environment and energy, and holds a Master’s degree in climate and water policy. He worked with NGOs and UN agencies on projects to sustainably develop basic services for nearly 10 years prior to joining Hydroconseil in 2017.Vincent has both technical and socio-economic expertise. He is skilled in building the organisational and financial capacities of water and sanitation operators. He is extremely familiar with sustainable change processes, institutional diagnostics and needs assessments. His knowledge of the sector enables him to understand the specific features of a given context so that he can formulate and implement appropriate policy reforms. His fieldwork experience has also enabled him to develop cross-cutting expertise on themes such as water sector financing and climate change adaptation policy. Vincent can speak around six languages and is able to work effectively in French, English and Spanish. Vincent is currently based in Colombia where he is providing technical assistance to the AFD to help implement the Euroclima+ water management and risk management programme across Latin-America and the Caribbean region.


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Engineer, capacity-building and institutional development expert, specializing in the municipal management of water and sanitation services
14 years of experience

Hélène Figea is an international agro-development engineer who studied both at ISTOM, and at 2iE – Ouagadougou, where she specialized in agriculture and rural hydraulics. She has 11 years of experience in capacity-building and in monitoring and evaluating public water and sanitation policies. Hélène spent 6 years in charge of the institutional and organizational development of 8 urban municipalities in Burkina Faso  to help them improve their project management of water and sanitation services and she has also been supporting national discussions on this subject ever since decentralization in 2009. Hélène Figea also spent 3 years supervising the ONEA Water Professions Centre's training course development project and helped to define national policies and strategies and implement management mechanisms for the water and sanitation sector. Over the course of her career, she has built up a strong skillset and experience in areas such as defining and implementing capacity-building strategies, results-based management, and facilitating discussion-based, experience-sharing and training workshops and seminars. Hélène Figea joined the Hydroconseil team in 2018. She divides her time between Ouagadougou and Fada N'Gourma, providing long-term monitoring and evaluation and capacity-building technical assistance to the Eastern Regional Directorate of Water and Sanitation, project manager of the (AFD-funded) Eastern Region Drinking Water Supply Programme.