HYDROCONSEIL is a consulting firm that specialises in improving essential public services for low-income populations in developing and emerging countries. We focus on the following key sectors: water resources, water supply, energy and sanitation.

HYDROCONSEIL was set up by a group of experts who have devoted their careers to supporting development in the global South. They created HYDROCONSEIL to combine their commitment to harmonious and sustainable development with the efficiency, responsiveness and independence that only a small to medium-sized consulting firm can provide.

Using our extensive experience, we provide our public and private international clients with expertise on the technical, institutional and financial aspects of implementing public service improvement projects. HYDROCONSEIL’s specialists are committed to ensuring that the expertise they provide directly or indirectly helps improve services for users, particularly the poor. Our clients choose us for the quality of our work, our respect for their environment, our focus on knowledge-sharing and our moral integrity.

By 2030, our aim at HYDROCONSEIL is to:

           - Increase our involvement in developing access to the essential public services of water, sanitation, solid waste management and electricity for the world’s poorest people;
           - Develop our capacity for innovation and devise new ways of working to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs;
           - Diversify our activities, our skillsets and the areas in which we work.


Assainissement au Mozambique / Sanitation in Mozambique
Pratiques de lavage des mains au Burkina Faso
Bassin transfrontalier de la Mékrou / Basin of the Mekrou
Mission au Libéria / Assignment in Liberia
Latrines en Mauritanie / Latrines in Mauritania
Kiosque à Haiti / Kiosk in Haiti
Missions on the ground
Improve the access to the drinking water
Technical expertise
Knowledge of local people
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