This scheme is part of the 5-year technical assistance that Hydroconseil is providing to the Regional Directorate of Water and Sanitation (DREA). The first step involves delivering training on water supply service performance, regulation and technical and financial monitoring as part of the Eastern Region Drinking Water Supply Project (PAEP-Est). This training has been positively received and has brought together a large number of staff from both the regional directorate and the water supply directorate.

Hydroconseil is in Niger evaluating all Danish development agency-related projects conducted in the country from 2009 to 2018. In charge of all cross-cutting aspects and, more specifically, for evaluating the water and sanitation sector, Hydroconseil visited water supply and sanitation facilities in the field and met with rural mayors, public water service users’ association representatives, and village health committees in the Zinder region at a participatory workshop conducted using the "Outcome Harvesting" methodology.

As part of a study conducted by the Ministry of Education and WSUP, Hydroconseil and GRET visited schools in Antananarivo and Tulear, met with stakeholders in the sector and conducted a participatory workshop. The objective is to identify 2 possible adjustments to WASH friendly school national programme and analyse their impacts on student practices through a baseline and endline during the 2019-2020 school year.

The aim of this joint Ministry of Water and African Development Bank project is to improve access to water in the country's emerging villages and small towns. The pilot phase will be conducted in 5 villages and the management models developed will then be replicated nationwide. The project activities include developing a legislative and regulatory framework, designing integrated management systems for operators and organizing operators and national authorities trainings.

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