Hydroconseil implement a final evaluation of Interaide programme “Improvement of access to water and hygiene and sanitation, reinforcement of maintenance services for hydraulic structures” in Ethiopia, Haiti, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Sierra-Leone

Hydroconseil ERA and Cameroon officially launch the first campaign of the Information Education Communication PADY2.

Hydroconseil has been selected for an action Research program on sustainability of subsidized household latrines in Togo and Burkina Faso and their use by vulnerable populations (women, children, elderly and disabled).

Hydroconseil has been mandated by Cooperation Atlantique Guinee 44 to implement a hydrogeologic study and follow the drilling works of boreholes in Kindia in order to increase the water supply capacity of the city.

Hydroconseil is involved in Gabon between December 2015 and April 2016 on a study for Operationalization of a Sustainable Delivery Model for Basic Services such as drinking water in rural areas in partnership with IED (Innovation Energie Développement).

Since 2010, Hydroconseil has assisted UNICEF in its monitoring and evaluation process of the National EVA programme. In August 2015, Hydroconseil and Urbaconsulting (its sister’s company) won a project to implement a large monitoring system to follow and strength performance and capacity of the National agents and of the implement NGO in the 11 provinces of the DRC.

Hydroconseil and CGS will implement for six months, Water and Sanitation technical studies and baseline surveys in 140 localities at high risk of cholera, 75 schools and 15 health centers in Artibonite (Haiti) for UNICEF.

Assignment to support EUD around the world to develop and implement joint development assistance programs on behalf of EU Member States. The assignment - 50 days in both 2015 and 2016 - will be conducted by an institutional expert (Claude Mauret) specializing in EU programming, the joint development process and common development assistance strategy.

Implementing the monitoring and evaluation system and sharing the lessons learned The Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) has recruited HYDROCONSEIL to set up a monitoring and evaluation system for the PASEPAR program (the rural water supply and sanitation services improvement program), which has been working in 5 regions since 2014. The services to be provided include establishing a baseline to set up the monitoring indicators; defining and supporting implementation of the monitoring and evaluation system; and (as an optional phase) documenting and sharing the lessons learned through the program.

Assainissement au Mozambique / Sanitation in Mozambique
Pratiques de lavage des mains au Burkina Faso
Bassin transfrontalier de la Mékrou / Basin of the Mekrou
Mission au Libéria / Assignment in Liberia
Latrines en Mauritanie / Latrines in Mauritania
Kiosque à Haiti / Kiosk in Haiti
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