The assignment awarded to Hydroconseil by the National Planning Department (DNP), with funding from the World Bank, consists of developing a unit cost guide to provide regionally differentiated reference values for water system connections, sanitation, wastewater treatment, domestic wastewater reuse, and urban and rural stormwater management services.  The aim of this guide is to build the regional agencies’ institutional capacities for financing projects to improve water and sanitation services.

At Hydroconseil, we have updated our visual identity and changed our logo. The result of a collaborative effort by the Hydroconseil team, this new, more modern and more refined visual design is in keeping with our historical identity, which had remained unchanged since the company was founded in 1995. Our new logo combines the concepts of partnership and independence, two of our fundamental values.

The aim of this WASH in Schools programme, which was funded by the Government of Navarre through the Spanish Committee for UNICEF and implemented by UNICEF Mali, was to improve water, hygiene and sanitation conditions in 145 schools in the Sikasso and Mopti regions. The Hydroconseil team of 1 team leader/evaluator, 1 socio-economist/evaluator, 1 national evaluator and 2 enumerators is conducting this final evaluation using the OECD/DAC criteria.

The SIAAP and Madina Service for Development, a Lebanese NGO, are working with three federations of municipalities in southern Lebanon to develop municipalities’ sanitation and service management skills and support dialogue between municipalities and national agencies. Hydroconseil is providing project monitoring technical assistance, economic and institutional set-up of services support and capacity building.

The 6-person team has been deployed as part of a European Union-funded project. The master plan is being developed to address urban growth-related challenges such as stormwater drainage, sanitation and solid waste management, and to build the management and planning capacities of the relevant municipal departments.

The IHP is a global science and education programme that is coordinating 15 flagship initiatives to enhance research, data-sharing and cooperation on water-related issues, namely by: quantifying, describing, mapping and promoting the sharing of groundwater and surface water resources. Hydroconseil has been appointed to evaluate these initiatives in order to produce recommendations for their future development.

The Blue Book is a joint initiative of a group of several Malian water and sanitation stakeholders whose aim is to offer a critical vision of the water and sanitation sector by taking into account the views of users, citizens and local elected officials. It allows to measure progress at regular intervals and independently. Supported by the SIE and the partners of the steering committee, it benefits from the support of Eau Vive, HYDROCONSEIL and pS-Eau.

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This assignment forms part of an extensive US$354 million programme funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) that will benefit 1.2 million people in Lusaka. Our team is currently working with LWSC staff to determine the capacity-building required to effectively implement a monitoring and evaluation mechanism. The Hydroconseil team will deliver training workshops and draft a monitoring and evaluation procedures manual to help assess LWSC performance.

This is a €40 million, multi-sector (water, sanitation, solid and institutional waste) and multi-donor (coordinated intervention between donors and Togolese beneficiaries) project, which runs from 2015 to 2019.

Under the joint initiative of Georgia’s Ministry of Finance and the French Agency for Development (AFD), a Hydroconseil team, consisting of a hydraulics expert, an economist, a wastewater treatment plant expert and a socio-economic survey expert, will undertake a 4-month assignment to conduct a validation study of the Khashuri water supply and sanitation systems improvement project.

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